Saturday 29 May The flight to London was smooth and, fortunately, uneventful! After a break at the rather delipidated (but cheap!) hotel, I ventured into London on the subway. After coming out of the subway – and still sleepy I might add – I immediately went on those double decker bus tours around town. I […]

Quebec City

Wednesday 26 May, train ride to Quebec City Another long train ride. Time for some more reading… Something else which I discovered on this second overnight ride to Quebec City. I was very curious as to how the train conductors remembered, for overnight trains, who to wake up and at which stop? They didn’t seem […]

Prince Edward Island

Saturday 22 May The train journey from Montreal was reasonably pleasant, provided you can get used to sleeping in a normal upright seat. This is the cheapest option on the train by the way. Then you have the bunk bed options, and finally the private rooms. As another bit of interesting but perhaps useless information, […]


Friday 14 May After a grueling day (almost 24 hours in fact) spent either in an airport or in the air, I finally reached Montreal. At first, things did not appear that well because it was pouring down in buckets as I was coming out of the airport. After a short rest in my hotel, […]

Pre-trip planning

Tuesday 11 May It seems my trip plannings are taking place nearer and nearer to the date of departure with each trip! In two days’ time, I will be on-board a flight to Montreal, Canada, via London. After the week-long conference, I intend to spend a few days at Prince Edward Island, followed by a […]