Saturday 6 May, SGT

The Singapore Airlines flight was a little bumpy in the first two hours. Guess quite a bit of turbulence over the Indian Ocean!?

Before boarding the flight, I had mentally vowed not to watch any in-flight movies since I would be arriving at about 9 in the morning and did not really want to waste the day due to jet-lag. In fact, I had bought some Benoctin specifically so that I could get as much rest as possible.

However, while flipping the channels during the 1am meal was pleasantly surprised. A BBC documentary (which I had previously heard from Royce’s website) about Tango called the La Confiteria Ideal: The Tango Salon was showing as one of the 50-odd in-flight movies! This documentary was indeed very interesting, because it showed ordinary milongueros – not terribly great technically but certainly having the sensibility and sensitivity required – as well as the well-respected older generation. Lastly, it showcased the young couple Javier and Geraldine as the future of Argentine Tango and what fantastic choreographies they had!

ps. I tuned in to the same documentary again during breakfast as well as on the return flight a few days later. :-)

Saturday 6 May, Munich

Arrived in Munich without incident. It was much colder than I expected – I later found out from the internet that the temperature was like 3-13 degrees in the first few days – and with persistent drizzles. However, generally very relaxing city with a similar feel to Melbourne, and even with its own tram service!

Some shots in Munich (opens a new window)

I must mention also the warm hospitality of Zhang Tao – a friend I got to know through my colleague who came together – who very kindly offered to show us around the city, in the cold and wet!

Photos from the Nymphenburg Palace, one of the lasting legacies of King Ludwig (German form of Louis by the way..) II (opens a new window)

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