Sunday 6 July Just arrived in Berlin, so no input yet. Monday 7 July Went to the Tango milonga at Soda Club, Kulturbrauerei, which is located at a former brewery. Usually outdoors, it was shifted indoors because the organisers feared that it would get too cold that night. This was my first taste of a […]


Saturday 28 June Upon leaving the airport, had some trouble initially finding my hotel after leaving the nearest train station, Gare de Lyon. In fact, later on the same day, got “lost” quite often… However, Paris is still a relatively safe place to be lost in, unlike some other big cities, like New York, for […]

Intro: Europe 03

My second trip to Europe was to consist of a one-week conference in Paris followed by a short stint in Berlin for some sight-seeing, and visiting my Tango friend Christine. However, as a result of some ill-preparation, unfortunate bad luck, and some un-professionalism on the part of Air France, this trip did not exactly get […]