1997: Europe 2004: Canada/UK

Pre-trip planning

Tuesday 11 May

It seems my trip plannings are taking place nearer and nearer to the date of departure with each trip!

In two days’ time, I will be on-board a flight to Montreal, Canada, via London. After the week-long conference, I intend to spend a few days at Prince Edward Island, followed by a couple of nights in Quebec City. Then it’s on to London for a few days before returning to Singapore.

That’s the plan as of now in any case. However, only the accommodation and the dates for the conference and the London leg have been fixed…

Wednesday 12 May

Tentatively, my current itinerary is:

  1. In Montreal for a conference until 22 May. This is where I will be staying.
  2. Catch an overnight train to Prince Edward Island and spend three nights there.
  3. Return to Quebec City on 26 May – by overnight train again – and spend a night there.
  4. Return to Montreal and leave for London on 28 May.
  5. Head back to Singapore on 1 June.

Nice plan, isn’t it. The problem is in the execution… :-)

The schedules for the trains and connecting buses, as well as information for accommodation were found via the official Prince Edward Island website.

Just made a few inquiries for some accommodation on Prince Edward Island. They are all clustered around Charlottetown, because that is where I will get dropped off by the bus. The choices are (in order of preference): City Gardens B&B, Heart’s Content B&B, Gallant’s Tourist Home, Spillett House and Taste of Home B&B. Some very interesting ideas for once I am on Prince Edward Island can be seen here: Discover Holidays and Prince Edward Tours.

Fortunately, the London leg has been taken cared of by my friend there.

As for my photography needs, I will be bringing my newly acquired Canon Powershot A80. This is equipped with a 256MB Compact Flash card, and a 32MB backup. I plan to take photos at the maximum resolution but only at the second least compression to conserve space: 256+32MB amounts to close to 8 rolls of 36-exposures.

In hindsight, perhaps I should have just put up with the bulkier SLR!? Throughout the course this trip, I am finding that it is relatively easy to come up against limitations in this digital (and perhaps many others) camera. For example, photos are often underexposed when shot from a shadowy location, looking towards brighter areas; secondly, slight contrast can really throw off the automatic exposure.