Sunday 6 July

Just arrived in Berlin, so no input yet.

Monday 7 July

Went to the Tango milonga at Soda Club, Kulturbrauerei, which is located at a former brewery. Usually outdoors, it was shifted indoors because the organisers feared that it would get too cold that night. This was my first taste of a real milonga! Could not work up the courage to ask anyone to dance, but in the end was invited by a nice girl instead, hehe… Will try to do better next time.

Photos of Berlin Cathedral (opens a new window)

Tuesday 8 July

Was outside of Berlin for most of today.

Went to the milonga at Bebob tonight. This is probably my favourite as far as the dancing was concerned.

Wednesday 9 July

Accompanied my friend Christine to the studio where she is taking some Tango lessons.

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Thursday 10 July

Went to Podewil for Tango tonight, which is an outdoor venue, and there was meant to be a live band. Was a little disappointed initially because the Tango band did not have a bandoneon(!), but consisted of just a pianist, violinist and a guy on bass. However, it was quite a good setting.

Dancing wise, it was a bit of a disaster. Firstly the floor was rectangular in shape – very narrow on one side, and the dancing in generally poor. Furthermore, the tiled floor was slanted and very slippery to dance on. After one dance, it was enough for me!

However, in Berlin, one there is never lack of places for Tango. We then proceeded to the next venue, the Gruener (green) Salon. Very cosy, although at times I found it extremely difficult to navigate around the very crowded dance floor. I would say full marks for the atmosphere and the level of dancing here!

Photos of Sansouci Park, Potsdam (opens a new window)

Friday 11 July

Spent a nice afternoon at the Pergamon Museum today. This museum has a fantastic replica of the front steps of the Pergamon Temple, complete with many archaeological pieces from the excavations! It also contains the Ishtar Gate from Babylon and many more treasures collected by the German explorers in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Some of the photos here will give you some ideas of what it is like on the inside, before I upload my own. Oh, and don’t worry, they have audio guides in English which is included in the entrance fee. No extra hidden costs like other places! :-)

Went to 2 milongas on the last night in Berlin. Felt really out of sorts at the first one, the Haus der Sinne (house of senses). Although the place was full of character, a cosy little place, with old sofas, dim lighting, and certain amount of cigarette smoke, the music was simply to “alternative” for my taste.

The second place, Walzerlinksgestrickt, has nice floor, plenty of space to move in. The trouble is, it felt exactly like any other dance hall – mirrors on the side and all – and very little character. Nevertheless, we stayed till about 2.30am and then walked home from there. Fortunately, the rain had stopped by then.

Photos of Pergamon Museum (opens a new window)

Saturday 12 July

Remember to come back to check for updates!

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