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Sunday 30 May

Went to Cambridge today, which was a relatively short 2-hour journey by train. I must say, thanks to Gong Yu (a former colleague) and his wife who showed me around, I had a wonderful day!

Waking on the ‘hallowed’ grounds of Cambridge (which, instead of being a conglomerate like the other universities all around the world, is more like a union of number of colleges) was quite an amazing experience. Considering that Issac Newton himself was once a master of the Trinity College here, you can literally feel the history enveloping you.

However, one comment of the snobbishness of the English system is that much of the beautiful lawns in the various colleges are off limits to the lowly students. The lawns are only accessible to those above a certain rank. :-)

Photos of Cambridge (opens a new window)

As a tourist (and any new student at Cambridge worth his salt, I would imagine!) we went punting along River Cam. We started from Darwin College, then went down to King’s, Trinity and then St John College. It’s definitely not as leisurely as shown on TV, as I found out after a short stint at the helm – proof in the photos!

Punting along Cam River (opens a new window)

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