1996-99: Canberra

Intro: Canberra

Canberra was my home from January of 1996 till about September of 1999. While for three and a half years I was hard at work to complete my PhD, it was also one of the most wonderful times in my life. I have made many wonderful friends and learnt to live independently.

In fact, during the 8-hour drive up from Melbourne in my trusted Ford Laser with my brother, I was listening to Eric Woo’s songs. I can still remember vividly one particular song. Since I don’t have the lyrics with me, basically the song says that when we are young, we long to be away from home and seek our fortunes in a faraway land. However, by the time we return to what we used to call home, things would have changed a lot in the meantime.

Little did I know how appropriate that song was to become for me. Now, years later, I am still travelling about…

To be continued…

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Hay Louie,

Really agree with you on what you have put on the Web site about “Eric Woo’s songs”. I guess life is a journy and in that journy we meet many people it is the friends that we make on the way that keeps us going and you were one such friend at ANU, in Canberra.


I loved my stay at Canberra — living on a beautiful campus, making friends. Working on the Ph.d was tough, sometimes I needed all my will to keep going, without tangible family support, but somehow the place and the people sustained me.

Certainly agree with Carol and Mahesh!! My stay in Canberra was the most memorable…it wouldn’t be without you guys.

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