1998: Nepal/Tibet


Map of Nepal

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While in the air above Nepal, I could not help but have a tingling sensation of a mixture of anticipation and also apprehension. It was a total unknown. Perhaps partly due to my own imagination, but the horizon seemed more curvy than usual, i.e. the curvature of the earth was probably more pronounced at such height.

The Katmandu airport was quite run down, and about the same size as Canberra airport. Everything was done manually, of course. However, my biggest worry was that the X-ray machine for the luggage explicitly said “NOT film safe”!?!? One can only hope that that referred to a previous incarnation of the same machine!?!? However, I had no choice by allow my MacPac to pass through the scan. Fortunately, the films seemed fine afterwards, although there were other problems when I had them processed in Katmandu, but that is anther story…

Stepping out from the airport, the scene that greeted me was not totally unexpected but nevertheless a big culture shock!

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2 replies on “Nepal”

Really amazed by the photoes taken in Nepal especially the one with a stack of stones. Is it on the way to Poon Hill? I think I missed that scene.
Good photos!

Sounds like that you have been to Nepal?

The pile of stones is near the observation deck at the top of Poon Hill, lining the edges of that patch of open space. It’s actually not very big so I am not surprised that you missed it. I believe the locals made such piles from time to time. It’s the camera angle and lighting which makes the pile look larger than it is. :-)

Glad you liked the photos.

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